Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chapter Three

That night Jon was watching The Jungle Book with Jake and Romeo when Stephanie came home from her day out with her friends. Jon heard the front door open, "Steph?" he called. There was no answer. Jon stood up and walked out to the hall. He saw a girl at the top of the stairs, it looked like Stephanie from the back but she was blond. "Steph?" Jon called, the girl turned around, it was Stephanie, she had dyed her har blond, put a pink streak through it and from what he could see had got a lip piercing.

"Hey dad." Stephanie said acting as if everything was normal. "Hey dad..hey dad..JESUS FUCKING CHRIST STEPHANIE, WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?! YOUR LIP!" Jon tried to stay calm, "oh jesus christ, your mother is going to kill me," Stephanie rolled her eyes at him "dad get over it, it's just a bit a hair dye, it will come out eventually!" she turned and walked off to her room. Jon closed his eyes, took deep breaths in and out and bit his tounge to stop him from shoutig at her. The last thing he wanted right now was to fight with Stephanie.

Jon opened his eyes and walked up the stairs, he walked down the hall and saw that the 'Music Room' door was open and someone was playing the piano. Jon looked in and saw Stephanie playing. Younger Jon was standing behind her with a hand on her shoulder. I gotta make an appointment with the shrink.. Jon felt like shouting at younger Jon but he couldn't because he was pretty sure he was the only one who could see him.

Younger Jon looked over at Jon, "Why are you here?!" younger Jon shouted, Jon said nothing, he couldn't with Stephanie in the room. Younger Jon took his hand off her shoulder and she left the room, briefly looking at Jon; it was an icy cold look that she could pull off oh too well and she inherited it from him. Jon went and closed the door, "why are you in my house?" Jon asked, younger Jon didn't answer. "Look kid, give me your parents number, I'll ring them and have you picked up." Jon said, though he knew he was looking at himself, he needed to be sure, he knew he was not dreaming and this couldn't be a halusanation or was it? Younger Jon said his parents home phone number. Jon's parents Sayreville home phone number. Jon reached out to touchthe younger Jon and he did, younger Jon was real. But Jon was the only person who could see him.